Sunday, January 24, 2010

Look who is 1

On January 7th Lance turned the big ONE!! I really can not believe it. Even though he is doing everything normal 1 year old boys do, he is still really tiny. At his year check up he weighed 17lbs 7oz. I can not remember his exact height, but I think it was approximately 27 inches. He is very petite for his age, but he is growing so the doctor doesn't seem to be to worried. He has been a great joy to have in our home over the last year and has brought us so much happiness. I could not have asked for an easier baby. My Heavenly Father know this mom (meaning me!) needed a sweet, easy going to baby for the third!! Lance is a very active little guy. He could win any speed crawling contest out there! He climbs our huge flight of stairs great, just not the best at going down:( We call him our home wrecker!! His favorite thing to do is to take everything out of the cupboards, draws, book shelves and laundry baskets. It is cute to watch, but annoying to clean up!

For his birthday we had a little family party at our house (well not so little, we had 10 adults and almost 15 kids there!!) It was so fun! I made his cake, it was really fun to make, it was a birthday hat!! If you notice in the picture the top of the hat has a bunch of frosting scraped off, that would be from Lance he really wanted the cake right then.

Here are all the kids at the party waiting anxiously to sing "Happy Birthday"!

Lance was intrigued with the singing and the candle. He had the funniest look on his face.

He loved that I put a whole cupcake on his tray. There was no hesitation at all, he dug right in and loved every minute of it!!

All the kids eating their cake and ice cream in the kitchen so we didn't have a huge mess all over. I would have to say, with that many people in our small house things never really get to out of control.

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Jenny Ricks said...

Happy birthday Lance! What a little cutie!